Saturday, December 19, 2009

iDance in ACTION

Instead of having to go in during finals week and write for about two hours on what I have learned throughout the semester in 255, we were all sent individualized final exams that we had to finish. Since iDance was my last teaching lab, for my exam I was supposed to write up new activity progressions as well as a block plan and lesson plan. I also wrote a letter to the superintendent of the school of my "dreams" about why iDance would be an excellent unit to add to our cirriculum. Lastly I wrote out two assessments that I would give if I had taught the unit to see what my students had learned. I actually enjoyed writing about the system and pretty much creating everything I would need to teach an entire unit of iDance. It seems to me that having this as a final exam is more authentic then having a written exam. I was able to get a taste of what I would need to do to get ready for a unit if I were teaching. Click below and you can see everyting that I accomplished!!

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