Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Trip To the Outback

For Lab C, Stephanie and I decided to teach a little bit about the game of Netball.  The sport actually originated in the United States but made its way throughout the world.  It came to Australia in the early 1900's and is now one of the most predominant women's sports in the country.  It was very interesting to learn and teach a sport that is not usually taught in physical education, and then be able to teach it.  All of the different games that were taught by other groups in the lab gave me some pretty ideas for when I get out into the field.  This lesson was different then the first two labs we taught because we had to teach with someone else, as well as make visual aids, lesson plan, and task sheet.  I was the second person to teach within my group and I focused on the different kinds of cutting.  I taught the front cut as well as the cut back, where the offender uses different tactics to get away from their defender in order to catch a pass.  To end the lesson I had groups of five get into a game-like situation and play 3 on 2.  It was interesting to be able to see how much of the students picked up on what Stephanie and I taught during our lesson.  In addition to watching me teach my lesson on Netball, you can also take a look at my time coding sheet and my feedback analysis sheet as well as my activity progression sheet.  Enjoy!!