Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pick It Up...

Lab B was the ultimate Frisbee lab where everyone taught a different part of ultimate Frisbee. I taught the pick up, pivot, and pass technique. It was easier to get everything I wanted to get in and have a good amount of activity time with more time to teach. I had the students start out by just pivoting and passing with the backhand throw and then moved on to the forehand and overhand throw. Once they mastered that, I started a new activity where they got into groups of three and had one person as a defender. It was easier for the students to see why having good pivots were important in the game of ultimate Frisbee. This lab was longer and had a little bit more involved in the teaching, but I found it much easier then teaching the first and even the second time. I was able to use what I have learned throughout the semester to make my lesson more organized and more effective then the past two times I taught in class. I have a transcript showing everything I said during the lesson, a time coding sheet that breaks up the lesson into different parts, and a feedback analysis sheet showing who I gave feedback to and if it was positive or negative.

Click here to listen to my lesson!!

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  1. Good Rachel. Can you embed your MP3 so that others can hear it? You also have a couple of typos, so check what you wrote and edit accordingly. Also the link to your transcript needs to get cleaned up. Click on the word transcript to see if it works. Thanks